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Open Reply to Wollie Wolmarans

Dear Mr Wolmarans This open reply is in response to the posts on your blog aimed at discrediting us and our book Oscar vs the Truth. It also seems that you took a swipe at our book Bloody Lies. We grant that the position of certain objects in our sketches may not be 100% accurate. The idea was simply to give an general overview of the crime scene and approximate positions in order to provide some context. We are not easily fooled and we can see that you are using an old defence tactic – to draw attention away from the real issues to irrelevant […]

Open letter to Judge Masipa

Dear Judge Masipa I hope you don’t mind, but we are about to exercise our constitutional right to free speech. You accepted the timeline that Barry Roux et al. so carefully crafted and presented to you in court. You accepted it as gospel. Did you know, however, that the defence’s timeline is based on an assumption that cannot be supported by any objective evidence? This unsubstantiated assumption is that the “first sounds” were the gunshots, and the “second sounds” the bat strikes. Like we did in our open letter to Barry Roux we invite you to point us to the evidence that […]

The problems with Oscar’s version

Recently in the ITV interview, Oscar again explained his version of events of what happened after he got out of bed at about 03:00 to move the fans. In spite of ZERO objective and direct evidence to support his version, many accept his version as gospel – claiming that he has never changed his version right from the bail hearing to the ITV interview and that this must be some sign that his version is true. The only reason the court accepted his version, in spite of admitting that Oscar wasn’t candid and honest with the court, is because it ultimately […]

Open letter to Adv Barry Roux

Dear Advocate Barry Roux From the onset we just want to make it clear that we understand and support the concept that any accused is entitled to a rigorous, but honest, defence. We understand that the lawyer has a duty to the client – “to fearlessly uphold the interests of his client without regard to any unpleasant consequences either to himself or to any other person” and “defending the client’s rights and of protecting his liberty or life by the free and unfettered statement of every fact, and the use of every argument and observation, that can legitimately, according to the principles and practice of law, conduce to this end. We […]

Defence Trickery

We have seen it in the Inge Lotz case and we have seen it in the Oscar Pistorius case – blatant and dishonest attempts to discredit the police in order to draw the focus away from the real and incriminating evidence. In the Inge Lotz case a defence expert went as far as to fabricate evidence and then very publicly used such evidence to instead accuse the police of fabricating evidence. In the Oscar Pistorius case all kinds of tricks were used “to throw pepper in the judge’s eyes”. We saw this trickery in action recently during the sentencing hearing […]

Did Oscar lie about the small fan?

Oscar Pistorius has many fans. Some of them are very dedicated and loyal – some even calling him “perfect” and “divine”. But there is one fan that for sure tells us that Oscar lied during his testimony – and that would be the small fan – one of the two fans that Oscar supposedly was in the process of moving when Reeva supposedly got up from bed and slipped to the toilet without him seeing or hearing her. Let’s start with the Bail Affidavit – in which there was no mention of the small fan. He only talked about one fan, the big fan, and it was outside on the balcony. […]

Did Oscar admit his own guilt?

During the cross-examination of Oscar state prosecutor Gerrie Nel got Oscar to admit the following: Now let us take it one step further, if that photograph that we see there, photograph 55, if that is the way it was that morning, your version cannot be true. — That is correct, M’Lady. (Record 1741, Lines 23–25) Photograph 55 from Police Photo Album 1 – taken by WO Van Staden at 5:58 am on February 14, 2013. Now let’s look at the events leading up to the taking of this photo. Colonel Schoombie van Rensburg was the fist police officer on the scene […]

The Black Vest – Where is the Bullet Hole?

In this post we are going to take you step by step through an analytic process to confirm one of our key findings – that the black vest that Reeva wore when shewas found downstairs, had she worn it in the toilet, would have hanged down to below where the bullet hit her in the hip. That then leads to the very legitimate question that demands an answer – where is the corresponding hole in the vest? It is not there – why not? Afterwards please decide for yourself if a person requires a qualification in “forensic science” to follow the steps outlined below. Let’s start by […]

How did the State lose?

Most of us, at the beginning of the trial, when so many witnesses testified that they heard the frantic screams of a woman that went silent after a volley of gunshots, thought that is was a slam-dunk case for the State. How could they possibly lose this one? And yet the State did lose on the dolus directus charges. How did this happen? One of the main reasons why the Judge found in Oscar’s favour was because she believed that the defence put forward the most convincing time line of events. The timelines as set out in the chronology of events tip […]

Was there an argument?

Lately, there has been extensive media coverage on our book Oscar vs The Truth (OVTT). What started as an article in the Daily Maverick quickly went viral and reached newspapers and media websites from countries all across the globe. These reports and articles primarily focused on two areas of evidence we cover in the book – that the wounds on Reeva’s back were likely inflicted by the cricket bat before she fled to the toilet – and secondly, that Reeva likely wasn’t wearing the black vest when she was shot. However, if you read our book you will quickly realize that these are not the only evidence […]