The problems with Oscar’s version 4

Recently in the ITV interview Oscar again explained his version of events of what happened after he got out of bed at about 03:00 to move the fans. In spite […]



Open Reply to Wollie Wolmarans

Dear Mr Wolmarans This open reply is in response to the posts on your blog aimed at discrediting us and our book Oscar vs the Truth. It also seems that you […]

Open letter to Judge Masipa 1

Dear Judge Masipa I hope you don’t mind, but we are about to exercise our constitutional right to free speech. You accepted the timeline that Barry Roux et al. so […]

Justice scale on blue background

Open letter to Adv Barry Roux

Dear Advocate Barry Roux From the onset we just want to make it clear that we understand and support the concept that any accused is entitled to a rigorous, but […]

Defence Trickery 2

We have seen it in the Inge Lotz case and we have seen it in the Oscar Pistorius case – blatant and dishonest attempts to discredit the police in order […]



Did Oscar lie about the small fan? 2

Oscar Pistorius has many fans. Some of them are very dedicated and loyal – some even calling him “perfect” and “divine”. But there is one fan that for sure tells us that […]

Did Oscar admit his own guilt? 7

During the cross-examination of Oscar state prosecutor Gerrie Nel got Oscar to admit the following: Now let us take it one step further, if that photograph that we see there, […]


How did the State lose? 23

Most of us, at the beginning of the trial, when so many witnesses testified that they heard the frantic screams of a woman that went silent after a volley of […]



Was there an argument? 2

Lately there has been extensive media coverage on our book Oscar vs The Truth (OVTT). What started as an article in the Daily Maverick quickly went viral and reached newspapers […]

The Stipps vs The Nhlengethwas

There is a common perception that the Nhlengethwas – whose bedroom window was only 25 metres away from the toilet and bathroom windows – were in the best position to hear and […]

Scream120@2000 revised


The sins of Roger Dixon 1

Roger Dixon – who can forget his stellar performance as a paid defence expert in the Pistorius case? One just has to search for #rogerdixon in Twitter to get an idea of […]

Mrs van der Merwe – 1st or 2nd sounds? 2

The testimony of Mrs Estelle van der Merwe was used by the State in an attempt to prove that there was an argument between Oscar and Reeva before the gunshots. We […]


What did Nhlegenthwa hear?

  Mr Nhlegenthwa, the immediate neighbour to the right, claimed that he heard Oscar’s high pitch crying prior to his phone call to security at 03:16:15 when he spoke to Mr Pieter […]

What did Stander tell Oldwage?

The defence argued that Oscar could not have known that Dr and Mrs Stipp would testify about the first sounds and the seconds sounds. Is this true? In their Heads […]

Justice scale on blue background

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How loud can a woman scream?

  The most critical variable to consider in doing an acoustical analysis of the screams that were heard in the early hours of  14 February 2013 is how loud Reeva could […]

Ambient noise

  To analyze the acoustics of this case, in order to determine if the state witnesses would have heard the screams if they came from Oscar’s toilet with a closed […]


The window to the Stipp bedroom and the two balconies.

How well did the Stipps hear? 4

  The following conversation occurred during the cross-examination of Dr Stipp. Roux: What we do know is that she was in the toilet – and the toilet windows were closed […]

Oscar vs The Truth – New Book !!

What really happened on that Valentine’s evening of 13 February 2013 when Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed in the toilet of Oscar Pistorius’ house? Did Oscar know that Reeva […]